HS Employees of the Month April – Aug. 2017

Following are the Human Services Employees of the Month.  Click the link to see all the fascinating recipients.

Joshua Dugas                   Chief of Environmental Health Services    Department of Public Health (DPH)

Joshua Dugas returned to work immediately after the December 2nd terrorist attack, at which he was present, to ensure that the community’s health was protected and to address any issues with his staff.

Over the course of the year since the event, he has demonstrated courage and compassion for his employees and all that were affected by it. He has worked tirelessly to help rebuild the Division of Environmental Health Services including hiring many new staff and ensuring that they receive the necessary training to continue to provide high quality services to the community. He is approachable and dedicated and serves as a role model to others in this regard.

Fillmore Smiley                           Social Worker II                 Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

Fillmore Smiley is a Social Worker II for Correction to a Safer Community. “Smiley” as he is known amongst the team, promotes a spirit of tenacity here, where his passion for serving our patients is his priority. This is seen in thank you letters received from patients as well as community partners and even letters from State Prisons asking for assistance once released. His daily tasks are not only his case management, along with the myriad of responsibilities of a social worker, but his ability to seek the necessary resources to assure his patients are cared for. If there is a will there is a way for Smiley. Even now, Smiley is working with the Public Defenders and Deputy District Attorney’s offices to get his patients into the Mental Health Court with several back-up plans for any situation that might arise. Fillmore’s ability to think through multiple steps for navigating processes and systems on behalf of clients is excellent.

It is not surprising to hear that consumers remember Smiley, even after he concludes his work with them. He is known to do his very best to ensure that every client feels appreciated, heard and valued. In the office Smiley can be counted on for a laugh, excellent teamwork and partnership with his DBH colleagues, and others. He is greatly appreciated and valued for his passion, commitment, and skills.

Claudia Melendez                        Office Assistant III         Department of Aging and Adult Services

Claudia Melendez has been with the County for 22 years. She started with the Department of Public Health as an Office Assistant II and in 2001 transferred to the Department of Aging and Adult Services as an Office Assistant III. Claudia provides support to the department’s Social Workers as well as to clerical staff by assisting them with tasks such as; sending out appointment letters, helping locate missing files, case violations and any other tasks they might need assistance with. Claudia has great customer service skills and enjoys her job. She goes beyond her job duties to assist department staff and always does it with a smile.

Claudia’s duties include ICT’s of the cases to other counties and as clerical support to the Intake Unit. She never complains and is willing to learn and share her knowledge with others. She is a team player and is very knowledgeable when it comes to In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS). DAAS appreciates all of her hard work and are happy to have her at the department.

Maria Santos                     Accounting Technician         Human Services Auditing

As an Accounting Technician, Maria Santos has been an integral member of supporting not only the Trust Accounting Unit, but the Payments Units, Recovery Unit, and Special Processing Unit of the Human Services Auditing Division as well. She provides coverage across so many different sections not only because she has gained the knowledge over many years of being an HS Auditing employee, but because she is quick to volunteer and grasps the tasks almost instantly. Maria has worked with the HS Auditing Division a total of 5 years and 7 months. She is dependable, consistent, accurate, and has always upheld the highest integrity in her work ethic. She works with complex fiscal reconciliations from multiple HS systems across multiple HS departments such as Child Support and Department of Aging and Adult Services. With such a determined, can do demeanor, it comes with great honor to award Maria employee of the month.

Sara Tully                                           Office Assistant II               Performance, Education & Resource Centers

Sara Tully started with the County in 2014 working at the Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) as a Childcare Provider. She transitioned to Performance, Education & Resource Centers (PERC) in July 2015 as an Office Assistant II with all of the patience and customer service skills she acquired caring for the children at TAD. Currently, Sara supports the Children and Family Services Unit and PERC reception. In this role she wears many different hats, brings enthusiasm, determination, and the ability to motivate and train others. Sara is an outstanding team player who is well respected by her peers and management team. She is a role model and consistently presents as a professional representation of the County’s mission, vision and values.

Sara is working on completion for her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art. She spends her time with her family and furr-family.; Lola, Patrick and Oliver. Sara’s PERC family wants to give a tremendous thanks to her for all of her hard work and dedication she provides to PERC and the County every day.

Ginger Rodriguez                                Office Assistant III                                  HS Administration

A County employee since March 2014, Ginger Rodriguez promoted to Human Services Administration as an Office Assistant III in June of 2015. Acting as the lead in reception for the last two years with HS Administration, Ginger has provided excellent customer service to all who visit. Visitors always feel welcomed when they are greeted by Ginger and she always goes above and beyond expectations to assist them. Ginger shows care and compassion when working with our customers, is responsive to their needs and adds a personal touch, and smile with every encounter. If you’re a little down, hang around Ginger and she’ll have you feeling better in no time.

Ginger greets visitors, issues and receives temporary travel credit cards, delivers mail, tracks and controls business-reply account balances for TAD, CFS and DAAS offices, updates related databases and provides other valuable support to all staff in the building. The support she provides related to temporary travel credit cards has been recognized as exceptional by many HS travelers.

Away from the office Ginger enjoys staying active by jogging and walking with family and pets. She is very involved with her family, friends and other loved ones.

Ginger is recognized for her dedication to customer service and valuable friendship to her co-workers.

Linda Revoner                                             Associate Children’s Network Officer   Children’s Network

Linda Revoner has been a County employee for over 20 years. She started her County career at Children and Family Services (CFS), went to the Performance, Education & Resource Centers as a trainer, came back to CFS as a supervisor and then came to Children’s Network as the Associate Network Officer in April of 2015. As Associate Network Officer, Linda is responsible for all of the internal day-to-day operations. She supervises a team of five; the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator, CASE Coordinator, Mentoring Resource Specialist, Staff Analyst and the Community and Events Coordinator. Most recently, Linda supervised the coordination of two outstanding countywide trainings with nearly 200 in attendance at each event. The Domestic Violence training was a two-day event conducted by international trainers from Florida. The second event was dubbed, ‘The Road to Risk.’ This training was designed to shed light on the trajectory of how a child that has experienced sexual abuse may become a victim of sexual exploitation. Both trainings were very well received and Linda has been asked by community and County partners to repeat them in the fall.

Although she is kept very busy managing the staff, supervising and planning events and campaigns, Linda always finds time to include bits of fun and lots of laughter into the daily work routine. She is an excellent example of an exemplary employee.


Patti Lozano                                             Child Support Officer II             Department of Child Support Services

Patti Lozano has been with Child Support Services since 2001, first in the Child Support Officer position and later promoting to her current position of Child Support Officer II. In her current position, Patti works in the Special Enforcement Unit. She is responsible for handling some of the organizations difficult to enforce cases. Even with some of the harder situations, Patti exemplifies a high level of customer service and is professional in her interactions. She is highly approachable and recognized for her wealth of knowledge and experience. Patti is always willing to go above and beyond to provide support to the families served by San Bernardino County Child Support.

During her time with Special Enforcement, Patti has been successful in collecting large sums of money through diligent pursuit of obscure funding sources. She also works well with the parents who are obligated to pay, focusing on self-sufficiency for both parents and sustainable support for the children. Her ongoing commitment to the program has resulted in family lifestyle changes and closed cases. For Patti, there is never a challenge too great or too small and that is why Patti is the epitome of a Champion for Children!


Debbi Ming                  Supervising Program Specialist Program Development Division (PDD)

Debbi Ming is an outstanding example of the values and work ethic promoted by the Program Development Division (PDD). Her County career has spanned 37 years, 17 have been with PDD where she currently serves as a Supervising Program Specialist supporting the Transitional Assistance Department (TAD). Debbi oversees a unit of nine Program Specialists who provide policy and analytical support to the CalWORKs, CalFresh, Welfare-to-Work and Foster Care programs. Her accomplishments at PDD have included the planning and coordination of major initiates such as the implementation of the C-IV automated system, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Housing SUpport Program which has helped hundreds of families secure a permanent home. Debbi has also coordinated countless winning award submissions to the National Association of Counties (NACo) and California State Association of Counties (CSAC).

Debbi started her career with TAD in July 1980 as an Eligibility Worker and soon became a Supervisor. She then promoted to Appeals Specialist with the Program Integrity Division where she served for 11 years before joining PDD in 2000. Debbi has a degree in Behavioral Science from Cal Poly, Pomona, and enjoys going to Disneyland and volunteering at Chino Community Theatre when not at work.


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