HS Employees of the Month January – July 2018

Following are the Human Services Employees of the Month.  Click the link to see all the fascinating recipients.

Letatia Williams                                 Staff Analyst I                                   Performance, Education & Resource Centers (PERC)

Letatia Williams has been with the Performance, Education & Resource Centers (PERC) since March of 2008. As Staff Analyst I, she has an active role in all of PERC’s business lines and with the many departments PERC supports. As technology has evolved and become more integral to the way in which we work, Letatia has been at the forefront with the team that researches which platforms and applications will be the most beneficial and efficient for PERC, as well as working on procedures related to how we utilize technology.

Within the past year, Letatia has taken on a bigger role in supporting the Human Services (HS) Communications team, including shaping how we reach county staff. She conducted the first PERC Facebook live stream during the Management & Leadership Academy (MLA) Graduation and then again for the Mentor Coach Recognition event. Letatia’s willingness to try new things, think outside the box and her commitment to assisting every team within PERC makes her a valuable asset to the entire county.


Hector Colin                           Storekeeper                                                HS Administrative Services Department (ASD)

Hector Colin has been with the County for over 20 years. He is one of the most reliable and dependable employees at the Storage and Distribution Center. He has a great reputation for being able to work independently with little or no supervision. He performs a variety of tasks including chair and desk repairs, installation of white and cork boards, installation of supervisor name plates, picking up and delivering boxes and other supplies.

Hector has been to nearly all of the approximately 100 Human Services facilities from Needles to Corona. In addition, he operates several lifting devices (forklift, scissors lift, order picker) as well as driving any of the 14 vehicles in our fleet at the Storage and Distribution Center. He has a great attitude and always greets his fellow staff members and associates with a smile and a “Buenos dias.”


Brittania Palmer                            Appeals Specialist                        Program Integrity Division (PID)

Brittania Palmer has been with the Program Integrity Division (PID) since 2007, prior to coming to PID, she volunteered to be a part of an Appeals Over-Payment and Over-Issuance task force. She is always positive and assists her peers preparing for and conducting hearings. Brittania volunteered to be the primary complaints officer to allow her co-workers more time to process their hearing requests. She also updated the appeals handbook to ensure all specialists have up-to-date accurate policy information. She recently volunteered to mentor the department’s new appeals specialist.

Brittania is one of the subject matter experts (SME) regarding Appeals, Civil Rights and Complaints. Her current assignment is Appeals Floater; she does a cursory review of all incoming hearing requests and assigns them appropriately. She is the main complaints officer while assisting with hearings. Brittania does all of this professionally with a smile on her face.


Georgina Saray                         Fiscal Specialist                            HS Auditing

Georgina Saray has been working as a Fiscal Assistant for the Recovery Team of HS Auditing since 2016. She delivers excellent customer service to our customers and provides them with adequate and timely information on their Recovery Accounts, Refunds and Tax Intercept processes. She is responsible for Consolidated Deposits for Human Services which includes working with 25 districts and various Human Services Departments, Auditor Controllers and Wells Fargo.

Georgina has done an exceptional job in acquiring the skills for the new Enterprise Financial Management System (SAP), and cleaning up the backlog of deposits due to the transition to the new system. She provides training to new staff in the Recovery Unit and provides assistance to the Refund and Mail/Payment desks, and the Fiscal Specialists with the Tax Intercept process.

Georgina is always looking to learn new skills; she is knowledgeable and diverse on many tasks throughout the unit. She provides support to her co-workers and shares her knowledge when assisting other departments and agencies. Georgina takes pride in her work, accepts new challenges and is an asset to HS Auditing. player.


Jennifer Slagle                          Child Support Officer    Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)

Jennifer Slagle began her career with San Bernardino County in April 2007. She is currently a Child Support Officer with the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) and works in the Ontario branch. Jennifer’s primary responsibility is to work with parents to develop solutions for their child support case. These solutions include face-to-face and phone interviews, generation of documents to modify the child support order and collection of both monetary and medical support.

Jennifer works well with customers, educating them on processes that are available to them. She actively supports the Department’s Mission to partner with parents and the community in delivering reliable child support services by creating an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and engagement. She makes herself available to assist her co-workers. Jennifer has been instrumental in developing training for staff to engage customers early in the child support process and ensure successful outcomes. Currently, over two thirds of the families she works with are receiving 75% or more of the support they are owed each month, making this a reliable source of income for the family.

Patrick Scalzitti                               Staff Analyst II                       Preschool Services Department   (PSD)

Patrick Scalzitti is selected for the Human Services Employee of the Month for his commitment and dedication to San Bernardino County. Patrick has both a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He began his career with San Bernardino County in 2013 as a Staff Analyst I with the Purchasing Department.

Patrick has worked for the Preschool Services Department since 2015 as a Staff Analyst II. In this capacity, he oversees the Preschool Services warehouse logistics and Preschool facilities project management. He managed ever-changing and competing project priorities, critical deadlines, and time sensitive projects with a “will-do” attitude. He is highly intelligent and contributes above the bar standards in the  entire project he completes. He establishes strong partnerships with vendors and other County department personnel, and provides excellent customer service. PSD appreciates the effort and time Patrick has put into his job over the past two years.

Patrick provides excellent guidance and leadership to his team. He is confident, intelligent, extremely reliable, and is an inspirational leader who promotes teamwork and excellent customer service. He enjoys spending his free-time with his family. PSD would like to thank Patrick for being a great employee and for the strength and enthusiasm that he adds to the Preschool Services team.

Nicholas McGhee                     Office Assistant III             Children’s Network (CNET)

Nicholas McGhee was hired as an Office Assistant III in October 2017. In the short time he has been a member of Children’s Network (CNET) team, Nicholas has demonstrated an outstanding ability to immerse himself into our mission by participating in the programs, outreach events, and community awareness campaigns we develop in collaboration with our community partners, County departments,  and stakeholders for the children and families in our communities.

Nicholas’ participation in CNET events began before he has an official start date as he volunteered at the Children’s Network Annual Conference last fall. He has demonstrated initiative, motivation and excellence in his work at the conference and continues into his full-time work roles and responsibilities.

He provided administrative coverage for our Fatherhood Engagement program as we sought to hire a coordinator. His work with committee members and attending meetings assisted greatly with the maintenance of the program. He also provided interim administrative responsibilities for the SART program and has assisted with the “on boarding” of a recent staff member.

Nicholas is courteous, outgoing and is a true team player. He displays good customer service skills and works well with all levels of County staff and leadership. He is available to assist with all events and departmental program coordinators. Nicholas volunteers and takes the lead roles in planning community events.

Nicholas is proving to be an invaluable member of the CNET department; We are fortunate to have him on our team.

Kim Reese                                            Office Assistant III                            Program Development Division   (PDD)

Kim Reese has been a dedicated County employee with Human Services, Program Development Division for 18 years. In her current role as an Office Assistant III, Kim is responsible for the administrative oversight of multiple on-line handbooks. Kim is always willing to help staff with assignments and assist with problem resolution. She will take on any project and always completes her work on or before the due date. Kim will stop what she is working on to provide a demonstration or a necessary training or even a desk guide to help staff complete projects correctly. She volunteered to be a workgroup participant for the FS Pro 2020 conversion and has worked with ITSD, a private vendor and her peers to ensure the needs of PDD were covered and the transition to FS Pro 2020 was as seamless as possible. Kim is a valuable member of the PDD team. She is highly responsible and can be relied upon to produce quality work products.

Kim is a passionate sports fan and loves hockey (Washington Capitals) and football (Washington Redskins) and played lots of sports in her youth.


Angelica Ruiz                              District Manager                 Transitional Assistance Department   (TAD)

Angelica Ruiz is an advocate for the department’s goals and initiatives. As the lead of the Kaizen Workgroup, she successfully enhanced and implemented intake processes. She also was the co-lead of the Self-Service campaign workgroup where she helped with the development of trainings for all levels of staff. This group continues to work toward increasing access to self-service options via current technology for our customer base along with enhancing the knowledge of available technology within the department.

Angelica has been the liaison for the department’s College Cohort, which provides accessibility of college courses for TAD employees and promoting the department’s succession planning. She is an active member of the Quality Assurance/Quality Monitoring workgroup, Interactive Voice Response/Call Center California Automated Consortium Eligibility System (CalACES) committee, and the Region 7 management team. She is a dedicated leader that makes herself accessible to staff regardless of her busy schedule.


Adam Arentz                              Staff Analyst II                     Children and Family Services (CFS)

Adam Arentz has worked for Children and Family Services (CFS) for over nine years, serving as a Staff Analyst II since 2015. In this position, he has provided support to many CFS programs and has demonstrated flexibility and ingenuity to enhance outcomes for CFS. As part of the data support team, Adam has collaborated on a myriad of reporting tools to better capture caseload and staffing data.

Over the last year, Adam has taken on responsibility for oversight of Time Study for CFS. In this role, he provides quarterly training to staff in regional offices, sends out regular reports and updates during the time study period, and reviews all time studies so that appropriate corrections may be processed before submission to HS Auditing. Adam’s efforts have resulted in zero audit findings for the last four quarters.

This spring, Adam added Recruitment and Hiring activities to his other job duties. In collaboration with Human Resources and HS Personnel, Adam developed a one-stop “Speed Hiring” process for Social Service Practitioners (SSP), where candidates interviewed, were offered positions, and completed new hire paperwork on site. This process enabled the Department to hire 118 new employees in two one-day events. He is now adapting this process to other classifications with a large number of vacant positions.

Adam’s willingness to think outside the box and embrace new ideas make him a valuable asset to CFS.


Kelly Wickum                        Veteran Service Officer II    Veterans Affairs

Kelly Wickum began working for San Bernardino County in June 2015, when she joined the Veterans Affairs Department as a Veteran Service Representative Trainee. Since then, Kelly has promoted through the ranks to Veterans Service Officer II (VSO) in the department’s Hesperia office. As a VSO, she has helped many veterans and their family members obtain benefits earned through military service. She always goes above and beyond to ensure that every client she sees gets every benefit, monetary and otherwise, to which they are entitled.

Kelly has proven herself to be a calm, compassionate and hard-working employee who can always be counted on to help others. She is a great department representative at outreach events where she imparts a positive impression of County Veterans Affairs, informing members of the public about what our department does, how we can help them and where we are located.

Recently, we had issues with our fax machine that were negatively affecting our clients’ claims. Kelly worked hard on a solution and came up with a process to verify that all documents faxed to the federal VA were properly submitted, insuring that veterans’ claims for monetary benefits were not delayed due to incomplete documentation. Kelly is a diligent and conscientious employee who is a joy to work with.  Veterans Affairs is fortunate to count her among our employees.

Tyrone Ramey                       Business Systems Analyst I   Information, Technology and   Support Division (ITSD)

Tyrone Ramey has been with San Bernardino County since 2012. He joined the Information, Technology and Support Division (ITSD) as a Business Systems Analyst I in 2017. Tyrone has been responsible for leading and supporting multiple time sensitive Information Technology projects for Human Services (HS); such as the redesign of the HS Internet Website, Windows 10 migration and the Robocall project, an auto dialer software solution to effectively automate the process of placing calls to customers.

Tyrone enjoys all things related to cybersecurity and recently took the initiative to present a cybersecurity training during Kids Day 2018.  The training brought forth awareness to one’s social media footprint, highlighting best practices to remain safe on the internet.

Since his time with ITSD, Tyrone has established valuable working relationships with HS customers and colleagues through his excellent customer service skills, dependability, and ability to support others.


Frances Hidalgo                          Office Assistant III                            HS Personnel

Frances Hidalgo was hired at San Bernardino County in September 2016 as an Office Assistant III. She transferred to Human Services (HS) Personnel in May 2017 and has thrived ever since. Her essential functions include Lead Worker for the clerical unit, reception, data entry, certified Live Scan Operator, processing Temporary Help requests, Separation Reports, and creating calendars for weekly staff assignments. In the short time Frances has been with the Division, she has become the go-to person for reception and a myriad of other things. She always takes on additional assignments and assists Management quite frequently.

Before joining the County, Frances received her degree in Political Science from Portland State University. She loves to travel and is getting ready for a European vacation this summer. Please join me in thanking Frances for her contribution to HS Personnel, Human Services and San Bernardino County.

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