HS Employees of the Month August – December 2018

Following are the Human Services Employees of the Month.  Click the link to see all the fascinating recipients.

Crystal Horton                                      Supervising Social Worker                    Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS)

Crystal Horton is a Supervising Social Worker with the Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) in the San Bernardino office. She has been with the County of San Bernardino for 16 years. Her career started with the Department of Child Support Services in 2002. Crystal graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Cal State University, San Bernardino in 2017, and is currently pursuing her license to become a Clinical Social Worker.

Crystal is a dedicated employee who demonstrates the core values of Social Work and of a Public Servant. She frequently takes on additional duties without complaint and also volunteers to spearhead complex projects and committees. She performs beyond the requirements of her duties by providing coverage for social work staff, including completing home visits and case documentation herself, to ease the workload of department employees. She excels in her supervision of a unit of nine Social Workers and in providing exemplary service to DAAS customers who need assistance.

Crystal is second Vice President of the San Bernardino County African American Employee Association and recently joined the Oral Health Advisory Committee. She is Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) certified and is an active member of the Safety and Social Committees, providing oversight and guidance to staff in the completion of safety drills, office events, staff fundraising, and employee appreciation. Crystal’s door is always open to her staff and her fellow supervisors, and she never fails to offer support and assistance when it is needed. She is an exceptional supervisor, a true team player, and a consistent source of positive energy in the office.

Jeannie Molyneux                                                Nurse Educator                                              Department of Public Health (DPH)

Jeannie Molyneux is a skilled professional nurse, who has many years of experience in the Nursing Field. For the past year, Jeannie has been assigned to work with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Super User team, within the Clinic Operations Section. Jeannie has excellent nursing assessment skills; she maintains an appropriate level of nursing expertise and works independently within the scope of nursing practice and program guidelines.

Jeannie has been able to work collaboratively with both public and private partners to address the implementation of the GE Centricity Practice System. She consulted and advised on the day-to-day implementation activities, worked with assigned staff and provided guidance. This included, but was not limited to, implementation of workflows, testing system reporting, Meaningful Use attestation activities and training. Jeannie guided her Super User team members in creating workflows for primary care, immunization, pediatric and reproductive health, etc. This included making appropriate recommendations, as needed. Jeannie worked with the team in partnership to improve their computer skills, making improvements and engaged in the activities necessary to achieve a functional electronic reporting process. Jeannie’s exemplary professional approach to this process sets the example for others to follow. Her dedication and commitment to the implementation process of the electronic health record has been outstanding, and she has fulfilled a critical role in developing the business processes and workflows necessary to ensure success.

Jeannie promotes and responds appropriately to nursing issues and demonstrates leadership in her approach, this is conducive to service excellence. She is admired by subcontractors and peers alike. Jeannie engages in assigned tasks in a professional manner; she is empathetic and provides information to support the program and the patients within the health centers and clinics.

Kimberly Longfellow            Office Specialist          Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

Kimberly Longfellow began her employment with the County as a Public Service employee in 1999. She began working in Human Resources with the Department of Behavioral Health. Kimberly is greatly appreciated by supervisory personnel because of her willingness to always go above and beyond her regularly assigned duties in her administrative role in the department. For example, Kimberly is very helpful to department employees through her continual readiness to offer ways to help them successfully navigate the complexity of tasks related to addressing personnel needs based on a division’s needs. Kimberly’s level of preparedness to address any type of inquiry brought to her is met with an expedited response that includes applicable resources. She is also respected by her colleagues because of her ability to be encouraging and engaging in her interactions with others and most importantly, being a team player.

Kimberly deserves this recognition because of her kindheartedness and exemplified dedication to meet and serve the mission and vision of both the department and the County.

Nick Miller                                            HS Emergency Services Coordinator Administrative Support Division (ASD)

Nick Miller joined the Human Services Emergency Services Unit (HSESU) in November of 2017. Though he has been with the unit for less than a year, he has proven his worth ten times over. Nick has a contagious “can do” attitude and readily embraces new challenges and responsibilities. He quickly mastered the implementation and training protocols for the Emergency Response Codes (ERC) system and now serves as the lead trainer and manager over the program, coaching and teaching the unit’s newest staff members on the system as well. He also provides leadership and support for the Ham Radio program and is actively involved in delivering Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training for HS employees. Nick is eager to learn, eager to contribute, and is committed to meeting the emergency management needs of HS employees.

In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife and boys and serves as a coach on his son’s baseball team. He is also a safety advocate at his son’s school, providing education and leadership in his pursuit to maintain a safe and secure campus for his children. He loves the beach and has taken on Kendo as a way to stay fit while learning new skills. Soon after joining the HSESU team, Nick also completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Nick is confident yet humble, extremely reliable, and a true team player. Keep your eye on this one; he will go far! In the meantime, HSESU is honored to have him on the team.

Barbara Frias                Secretary I                                   HS Auditing

Barbara Frias is HS Auditing’s HS Employee of the Month. We know the amount of effort that she puts into her job and publicly we want to assure her that her efforts are appreciated.

Barbara is a devoted Secretary of the Human Services Auditing Division. She began her employment with San Bernardino County in February 2017. Barbara has proven to be a hardworking, determined, and dedicated individual. She handles her tasks with ease and confidence.  She is very approachable, has a friendly demeanor, is responsive to the needs of her customers and always has a positive attitude. Barbara is reliable in achieving results within expected time periods and is highly skilled in multi-tasking. She consistently displays a high degree of organizational skills and prioritizes her tasks well.

Barbara is quick to respond to management inquiries and welcomes new challenges while demonstrating great attention to detail and accuracy. She is consistent and dependable in carrying out responsibilities to a successful conclusion. Barbara maintains a high standard of integrity and ethical conduct. We might not always show our appreciation, but we never fail to notice her hard work. Barbara’s abilities and contributions are an important key to the success of our entire operation.

LaTanya Baylis                          Training and Development Specialist Performance, Education & Resource Centers (PERC)

LaTanya Baylis has been with San Bernardino County since 1996. In her role as a Training and Development Specialist, she is the sole trainer who coordinates, develops and delivers all trainings to the Department of Aging and Adult Services.

Over the past year, LaTanya has taken on the enormous task of helping PERC test out and select their new Learning Management System (LMS) as well as developing the first county onboard training program for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) staff. Using the latest technology, LaTanya has begun to develop these online trainings in a creative and engaging way by using state-of-the-art and innovative computer software, RISE. Her willingness and ability to take on large scaled, detailed projects makes her an invaluable asset to not only PERC staff, but the County as a whole.

Please join us in congratulating LaTanya Baylis, PERC’s very own Training and Development Specialist with the honor of receiving the Human Services Employee of the Month.

Arlene Mendoza-Collins          Assistant Operations Manager Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)

The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) has selected Arlene Mendoza-Collins as the Human Services Employee of the Month for our Department. Arlene approaches her responsibilities and commitments with enthusiasm and a general concern for the employees and customers. She truly exemplifies the “human” in Human Services. Recently, she was the lead on the Department’s first Resource Fair which included other County Departments, Community Based Organizations, kid friendly activities and even a visit from the local fire station for the children.

Arlene has taken steps to create a more informative and education focused lobby. She worked with Information Technology staff to implement informational videos on the lobby televisions that highlight countywide stories.  Arlene also created a library area in the lobby where customers have access to informational literature and even free books their kids can take home to enjoy. She promoted an employee donation process of children’s books for all three DCSS lobbies.

Arlene’s commitment to her colleagues and the customer is best seen in person as the heartfelt emotion is visible on her face and in her words when she describes her role in providing school supplies from a backpack drive to a customer who was in need.  Arlene truly embodies what it is to be present and dedicated to the community we serve.

Kenneth Edwards            Investigator                          Program Integrity Division (PID)

The Program Integrity Division (PID) is selecting Investigator Kenneth Edwards for the HS Employee of the Month for the professionalism he displayed and thorough investigation that was performed on a very complicated case. Investigator Edwards has been an employee of Human Services, Program Integrity Division, for approximately two years. On September 24, 2018, a referral was received and assigned to Investigator Edwards of a possible theft. Investigator Edwards received this information and conducted a thorough investigation. He reviewed every case touched by the suspect and after a lengthy and expedited investigation, search warrants were prepared and served. During the service of the search warrants, numerous pieces of evidence were recovered. The investigation led to the arrest of the suspect and other accomplices.

Investigator Edwards displayed the skills and tenacity that are required of an experienced Investigator in this unit.

Cheryl Napier                            Program Specialist II                Program Development Division (PDD)

Cheryl Napier joined the County 37 years ago and is currently a Program Specialist II with Human Services (HS), Program Development Division (PDD). Cheryl has devoted many of her years of service supporting senior-related programs within Adult Protective Services and continues to work closely with the Senior Affairs Commission. She is a team lead and oversees the development of emergency preparedness policy and legislative analysis for HS departments, as well as maintains the HS Policy and Standard Practice Manual which contains policies ranging from Ergonomics to Workplace Violence.  The policy materials, tools and resources developed by Cheryl have been completed through tremendous coordination with multiple departments and divisions and includes emergency preparedness drills for our entire building several times each year. Cheryl’s expertise, organization and commitment has resulted in outstanding success for the multiple projects that she has completed over the years.

Through her exemplary work and calm attitude Cheryl is a wonderful role model. She served as a mentor for the Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) Mentoring Program in 2018, and she continues to provide guidance and support to her fellow workers and mentees. Every year during the holiday season, Cheryl organizes a blanket collection for senior clients at DAAS and for pets living at the Redlands Animal Shelter. Cheryl will be retiring in February 2019 and plans to travel with her husband to the Caribbean and Napa, California, and spend time with her two children and dogs. Thank you Cheryl for your hard work and dedication!

Jannette Zito                          Staff Analyst                      Children’s Network (CN)

Jannette Zito has been with Children’s Network for 15 months. As Staff Analyst, Jannette is responsible for providing fiscal oversight, monitoring and ensuring that Children’s Network staff maintain compliance with our programs, budgets, and contracts.  She prepares the monthly Child Death Review Team meeting report and facilitates that meeting.  Jannette is also responsible for completing the Children’s Network Annual Report.

Jannette has a very easy going personality and engages people pleasantly and with genuine interest.  She readily develops a positive rapport while assessing the needs of others and formulating methods in which to positively address and resolve issues and/or problems. Jannette possesses a good understanding of her roles and responsibilities and provides insights and recommendations that emphasize and support the County’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Jannette’s excellent customer service and organizational skills were evident during our Annual Children’s Network Conference. She handled financial matters, including accounts receivable and accounts payable, efficiently prior to the conference and organized the receipt of onsite payments the day of the conference. She also effectively and successfully coordinated and facilitated a daily, “Meet and Greet” session with the keynote speakers as well as managed their book sales.

Jannette’s initiative and creativity are true assets. She keeps our Children’s Network staff in good spirits with her fun loving attitude. Jannette is married and has an adorable little girl, Callie.  We are fortunate to have Jannette as a part of our Children’s Network family.


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