HS Employees of the Month May – August 2019

Following are the Human Services Employees of the Month.  Click the link to see all the fascinating recipients.

Elizabeth Stuart, Retired                          Training & Development Specialist Performance, Education and Resource Centers (PERC)

Elizabeth Stuart began her journey with San Bernardino County in 2005 as a training and development specialist with the Performance, Education & Resource Centers (PERC).  She brings with her many years of experience in critical care nursing, executive development, marketing, business administration, and small business management; all which have fostered excellent planning, organization and interpersonal skills. Elizabeth has made a positive impact on the County both in the classroom and when coordinating administrative duties.  She is actively involved in a broad spectrum of training and professional career development for leadership, staff, and community members through the Management & Leadership Academy, Leadership Development Network, onboarding of new staff and in her role as safety coordinator. She is a 2010 recipient of the Public Service Recognition Award for Excellence.  Her commitment to customer service, accuracy, and ethics are woven into each and every interaction as she approaches projects and change with grace, patience, a smile and a deep loyalty to customers. Her passion, initiative, and knowledge have been integral in developing staff and fostering PERC’s mission and values.  Most significantly, her influence is seen by the relationships she has developed and the projects and processes she’s implemented. Elizabeth is very deserving of this award as it gives recognition of her hard work, passion and dedication to serve others through the Countywide Vision.

Miriam Clark                             Program Manager I                Department of Behavioral Health (DBH)

Miriam Clark started her career with San Bernardino County in 2002 and in 2012 began working for the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) as a social worker II. In 2014, she promoted to mental health education consultant with the DBH Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) program. In collaboration with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Miriam works to uphold the goals of the program by ensuring first responders and community partners are prepared to successfully respond and support community residents who may be experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Through Miriam’s leadership, the CIT program partners with law enforcement entities and county community partners, such as Probation and Fire, to educate their personnel on ways to recognize a behavioral health crisis, communicate appropriately, de-escalate those in crisis, and most importantly, connect community residents and their families to appropriate resources. Miriam and the CIT team work daily to promote the importance of ensuring county residents are able to safely secure resources to maintain their emotional and physical well-being.

Miriam spends quality time with her spouse, who is a first responder, being a wonderful mother to her son and her expected baby girl. Miriam is very deserving of this award as it gives recognition of her hard work, passion and dedication to serve others through the countywide mission and values.

Jennifer Mulhall-Daudel          Admin. Supervisor II                       HS Administrative Support Division (ASD)

Jennifer Mulhall-Daudel has been a part of the County family for over 20 years.  She has held her current position as the Contract Manager for two years.  Jennifer promotes strong support for the Countywide Vision and is willing to offer support and guidance in any area.  Her can-do attitude epitomizes the efforts of team work between a supervisor and staff.

When the Contracts Unit was presented with two complex projects, Jennifer took on the assignments herself instead of overloading staff during the peak of their workload. She was instrumental in ensuring pertinent language was included in the contracts and confirmed all stakeholders were aware of modifications and intricate clauses.

Jennifer has an exceptional work ethic and is an excellent example for others.

Ereny Salama                                                  Fiscal Assistant                                        HS Auditing

Ereny Salama has been selected as the Human Services (HS) Employee of the Month for her dedication and commitment to the HS Auditing division. She has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and began her career with San Bernardino County in January 2018 as a fiscal assistant. Ereny not only supports the Child Care Payments Unit within Auditing, she willingly allocates time to support the Payments Unit and Collections Unit. She creates a welcoming environment for staff to approach her and ask for assistance and is willing to help others even when the task is outside of her regular duties. Frequently, in the absence of her direct supervisor, Ereny helps her peers and provides leadership and guidance. She helps keep her unit afloat and leads by example. Despite pressing deadlines, Ereny systematically goes above and beyond the regular duties that are asked of her. She delivers quality results in every aspect of the job, but most of all at customer service.

Ereny is a team player, very flexible and upholds the division’s mission and vision. It is our honor to have Ereny as an employee with the HS Auditing division.

Juan Solis
Father Engagement Coordinator
Children’s Network (CN)

Juan Solis is the Fatherhood Engagement Coordinator at Children’s Network. He has been with Children’s Network since July 2018 and previous to that was employed at Children and Family Services (CFS). Juan continuously demonstrates excellence and dedication to improving the lives of families through increasing awareness of the critical importance of father involvement in the lives of their children. Juan embodies the essence of collaboration as his work with County departments and other government agencies, community organizations, the faith community, schools and universities, and other stakeholders in the well-being of children and their families.

Juan’s leadership abilities are evident in his successful organization of numerous trainings for those who work with children and families.  He has effectively collaborated with community organizations to bring critical trainings on how to effectively engage fathers.  He participates regularly with various Public Child Welfare Academies who are responsible for training and informing new child welfare social workers. His work as a subject matter expert and his understanding and awareness of successfully working with fathers, has led to more inclusive fatherhood practices in the training curriculum. Juan is also the chair of the Inland Empire Father Involvement Coalition and uses this as a platform to bring together County and community partners to collaborate on father-friendly events and trainings to continue to bring awareness to the importance of father involvement.

Most recently, Juan and the Performance, Education & Resource Centers team were co-awarded the National Association of Counties Achievement Award for his regular videos entitled, “Father’s Toolbox.” These videos take his message of positive fatherhood inclusion to the community through the medium of social media. These short videos highlight different messages to fathers on how to engage their children in meaningful and nurturing manners. These videos have opened up avenues and opportunities for Juan to speak to schools and other community organizations on what they can do to be more inclusive of fathers and how important that is.

Juan is truly an exceptional coordinator and deeply believes in the importance of engaging fathers in the lives of their children. We are lucky to have someone as dedicated as Juan on our team!

Ryan Berger
Business Systems Analyst III
Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)

Ryan Berger is a Business Systems Analyst III with the Department of Child Support Services, Technical Services Unit (DCSS TSU).  He has been with San Bernardino County for 10 years, beginning his career with the Information Services Department (ISD) in 2008.  During his time with ISD, Ryan was assigned to the Human Services Information, Technology and Support Division (HS ITSD) for approximately two years, allowing him to gain insight into various HS departments, including the Department of Child Support Services.

In 2013, Ryan left ISD to become an employee of DCSS.  During his tenure with DCSS, Ryan has presented creative solutions to assist the department in meeting its business goals and objectives.  Recently, he led a workgroup of technical and operations staff in redesigning the department’s SharePoint intranet site.  The redesigned portal demonstrates Ryan’s ability to consider the needs of the department’s internal customer, and creatively utilize technology in support of the department’s mission.  The site makes it easier for staff to collaborate on initiatives, as well as share and access information to better assist the department’s external customers.

Ryan is a team player, an active listener and a problem solver who prides himself on being approachable.  He is passionate about technology, as well as helping and teaching others.  He strives to make every day more pleasant for those around him; and he understands everyone is his customer—team members, business partners, external departments and internal staff.  Ryan exemplifies the strength and character of the DCSS family.

Mark Thomas                               Supervising Appeals Specialist I Program Integrity Division (PID)

Mark Thomas has been selected as Program Integrity Division’s (PID) Human Services Employee of the Month. Mark began his County career in 2010 as an Eligibility Worker. In 2013 he promoted to Appeals Specialist and, through his hard work, promoted to Supervising Appeals Specialist in 2015. Mark is responsible for an Appeal’s Unit that conducts State Administrative Hearings – ensuring customers receive due process, is a Civil Rights Investigator and a Complaints Officer. Mark serves on several committees within PID. He has volunteered to be the Division Emergency Coordinator, as well as the Safety Coordinator. In these roles he keeps the Division informed of all preventative safety measures and safety information.

Throughout his many years with the County, Mark has continued to provide excellent customer service to both internal staff, as well as other Human Services departments, counties, and the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). Mark is considered a subject matter expert (SME) regarding State Hearings Regulation.

Mark is a newlywed, married last November to his best friend and love of his life. Together they are raising an amazing 16-year-old teenage son. When he is not reviewing regulation, Mark enjoys board games, concerts, and has been known to frequent Comic-Con.  Mark is also a Veteran of the United States Army.

Tracey Hudspeth
Interim Supervising Office Assistant
Program Development Division (PDD)

Tracey Hudspeth has been a dedicated County employee for 18 years. She started her County career in 2001 with the Department of Aging and Adult Services as an office assistant (OA) II. In 2011 she joined the Human Services (HS), Program Development Division (PDD) as an OA III and has worked her way up to her current position as the interim supervising office assistant. In March of 2019 Tracey took the initiative and vocalized her interest in stepping in as interim supervising office assistant, a position held by her predecessor for 16 years…very big shoes to fill. Tracey is doing an outstanding job in her new role and is responsible for supervising ten office assistants responsible for the administrative oversight of multiple on-line handbooks and an extensive publication database used for posting and tracking resource materials.

Tracey has been instrumental in executing a significant change in our publication process related to countywide branding and graphic standards. This was a significant transition for PDD staff, as well as numerous department customers and Tracey has handled it with professionalism, empathy and amazing support, resulting in a very smooth and successful implementation. Tracey provides excellent guidance, communication and leadership to her team, sets a high standard of performance for both herself and her staff and always projects self-confidence and enthusiasm while promoting teamwork and excellent customer service.  Tracey is a highly respected and valuable member of the PDD team.

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