DCSS awarded 2020 Innovative Collaboration & Partnership Award for their partnership with TAD.

The National Child Support Association awarded San Bernardino County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) the 2020 Innovative Collaboration & Partnership Award for their partnership with San Bernardino County Transitional Assistance Department (TAD).

The DCSS/TAD collaboration and partnership expanded DCSS access to the CIV system allowing staff to view public assistance program information.

This capability allowed DCSS staff to receive more information at the case opening while reducing the need to reach out to TAD Eligibility staff and assist in daily operations for both agencies.

This partnership allowed both agencies to exchange data between the agencies that was not previously available.

TAD and DCSS recognized the value and potential that this partnership offered and developed a monthly meeting with staff from each department as an ongoing method to continue the innovative efforts. Through these meetings and activities,  both agencies are able to better meet the needs of the families in the community.  This meeting has expanded to include Children and Family Services to work together to ensure child support is removed as a barrier to reunification.

NCSEA awarded this partnership for its innovative approach, impact on the community, minimizing benefit interruption, and for ensuring families have the support and uninterrupted services needed. In addition, this partnership has improved interagency communication, overall efficiency,  and ongoing efforts to provide an effective and positive delivery system to families.



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