HS Employees of the Months of June – July 2020

HS Employees of the Months of June – July 2020

Following are the Human Services Employees of the Month.  Click the link to see all the fascinating recipients.

Claudia Martinez, Application Specialist with Information, Technology & Support Division (ITSD)

Claudia Martinez has been with the County of San Bernardino for 14 years. Claudia has moved up the ranks within Children and Family Services (CFS) and eventually saw her way as an Application Specialist with Information, Technology and Support Division (ITSD). Claudia is responsible for training and application support to CFS and ITSD. This involves troubleshooting and alleviating issues/concerns regarding applications, programs and other technologies used by staff. Claudia also provides online and in-person support to County employees.


Recently, she has gone above and beyond delivering excellent customer service to Human Services (HS) customers by getting involved in projects such as WebEx administration and training. This was essential during the migration to WebEx video conferencing due to the teleworker requirement of HS. This included overseeing a large online conference that required coordination and configuration for several training tracks using WebEx for several hundred staff. She also was a key person in transitioning the monthly ‘View’ meeting held by CFS to a WebEx platform, which has worked to everyone’s satisfaction.

Claudia has also worked on several deployments of phones and Chromebooks for teleworkers, which was essential in getting HS staff home with working tools. This includes personally assisting staff with set-up to work from home. Claudia has been a key individual during these times of changes and migration due to the circumstances of our current working environment. Claudia is a proud mother of two children (seven year old girl, four year old boy), and likes to watch football and just relax with the family at home.


Carissa Cambare, Staff Analyst with HS Personnel

Carissa Cambare has been employed with HS Personnel for almost two years and has been a County employee since 2011. She has spent the last seven years with Human Services in the Transitional Assistance Department and HS Administration. Carissa handles a variety of special assignments and projects for the Human Services departments that HS Personnel supports. She is extremely good with compiling reports, analyzing data, all while delivering outstanding customer service. Carissa also serves as the Division’s Safety Coordinator and is a liaison for many other committees and groups.

Carissa’s ability to do high quality work, quickly and accurately, along with her friendly disposition is in large part why she’s HS Personnel’s Employee of the Month. Human Services and HS Personnel specifically is lucky to have her on our team.



Minni Williams, Supervising Social Service Practitioner with Children and Family Services (CFS)

Minni Williams is a true team player. She brings a sense of warmth and hope to staff in the Western region. Minni is an encouragement to everyone she encounters. Even in the midst of competing priorities, she always comes from a strength-based approach. Her smile and unwavering commitment to staff provides a sense of comfort that everything will work out in the end.

Minni has been a tireless champion for improving time study practice in Children and Family Services CFS). During time study periods, she checks regional progress daily, providing extensive technical assistance and training to all levels of staff. Unfailingly cheerful, she is not only a cheerleader in her region, but has assisted other regions traveling to remote offices to provide training and support. Minni is a genuine , kind and thoughtful employee and is a positive reflection of the mission and values of CFS.




Michael Baca II, Office Assistant III with Veterans Affairs

Michael Baca, II joined the Human Services team in April 2016 when he promoted from Mail Processor II at the Purchasing Department to Office Assistant III at San Bernardino County Veterans Affairs (VA). Since joining County VA, Michael has made helping veterans and their families a top priority as is witnessed by his passion for his job.

When staffing the reception counter or answering phones in the Rancho Cucamonga office, Michael greets clients in a most professional and agreeable manner. He listens to visitors’ requests and is adept at discerning if he is able to assist them himself, or if they need to speak with a Veteran Service Officer. When he is able to help clients directly, he does so with prompt thoroughness, often going beyond the expected to give visitors information on additional resources. Recently, a veteran reported Michael to be “incredibly helpful and polite” in a customer service survey.

Michael is a strong team member who happily supports our department in any way needed. He is helpful by nature and is always ready to fill in at another office, work an outreach event or take on a new responsibility with enthusiasm, a pleasant attitude and a smile. Tasked with planning, organizing and stocking outreach event kits, Michael developed a layout and display model standard that is now used department-wide. In addition, Michael is also very handy when it comes to office odd jobs, and always seems to have the right tool for the job.

County VA is fortunate to have Michael among its ranks and is pleased to honor him as Human Services Employee of the Month. Congratulations, Michael!

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