HS Employees of the Months of Jan. – Mar. 2021

HS Employees of the Months of Jan. – Mar. 2021

Following are the Human Services Employees of the Month.  Click the link to see all the fascinating recipients.

Barbara Uptergrove, Program Generalist Preschool Services Department (PSD)

Barbara Uptergrove worked for Preschool Services Department (PSD) for 19 years. PSD posthumously honors Ms. Uptergrove.

Barbara was a program generalist responsible for working with families to help them reach their goal of self-sufficiency, but she made the job more than what was expected of her. Her coworkers remember her fondly and tell stories of how she worked tirelessly to help homeless families find food and educational materials for the children. She provided parents with clothing for their children, went the extra mile to locate valuable resources, and would follow up with the families to determine if their needs were met. Just recently, Barbara was a significant impact on a family with challenges due to an incarcerated mother. 

Barbara’s generosity with the families extended out to the staff as well. She was helpful to staff by covering during breaks, getting resource information for other staff member’s families, and encouraging families to participate in the classroom learning. Her coworkers describe her as a kind and caring person who loved butterflies, football, and most importantly her family. Her grandchildren were especially precious to her.


Patty Harris, Eligibility Worker Supervisor I                         Transitional Assistance Department (TAD)

Patty Harris began her career with San Bernardino County in 2004 as a clerk II at Aging and Adult Services. She promoted to eligibility worker trainee in 2006; and by 2011 she had become a supervisor. 

Patty is an outstanding supervisor and a leader amongst her peers. She consistently does an outstanding job. She is a go-to supervisor. Patty takes initiative to jump in where there is a need and makes herself available to staff and peers as a subject matter expert. 

This year, Patty postponed her move to Texas and volunteered to stay on and be in charge for an employee who was going out on leave for a couple months. She embraced and excelled as in-charge for the employee on leave. She oversaw a Management Evaluation audit in the district and worked with the other manager in the office to help coordinate the rapid changes that resulted from the pandemic. Patty stayed in the office and was the leader our team needed her to be. She was a comfort to staff and peers. Patty coordinated and managed changes regarding increased intake applications and the transition of staff working at home. She attended several meetings and kept staff informed of changes. Patty kept customer service her top priority while managing all these changes. 

Upon the employee’s return to work, she received overwhelming appreciation and praise from her peers for the job Patty did. Staff described her as their “Rock.” Patty is now staying in San Bernardino County and perusing her new goal of becoming a District Manager. 


Leovi Wolsieffer, Office Assistant III Veterans Affairs

Leovi Wolsieffer joined the San Bernardino County “family” in March of 2018 as an office assistant at the Auditor-Controller Treasurer/Tax Collector. While she did a great job and enjoyed working for the County, the commute from the High Desert to San Bernardino was a grind. When a position in the Veterans Affairs Hesperia office opened in August, 2019, Leovi transferred to County VA, and what a win-win situation! 

Leovi is a team player of the highest degree as she is flexible to change, holds herself accountable, embraces optimism and always looks for ways to help others when her work is caught up. With the arrival of the pandemic and through the subsequent lock-downs, Leovi has helped “hold down the fort” at the County VA Hesperia location, working in the office daily, taking phone calls and answering questions while the veteran service officers teleworked from their homes. She always offers a high level of customer service to clients whether they are at the office, on the phone or corresponding by email. 

During the presidential election last fall, Leovi took up the call to help at the Registrar of Voters, working tirelessly to help ensure a fair election. Now that Leovi is all settled in at VA’s Hesperia office, we know she is enjoying her short commute, and we are enjoying her professionalism, positivity and excellent work. Congratulations on being named the H.S. Employee of the Month, Leovi; we’re so glad you came to Veterans Affairs!


Erin Roeder, Programmer Analyst III with Information, Technology and Support Division (ITSD)

Erin Roeder has been with the County since 2008. She came to Human Services Information, Technology and Support Division (ITSD) in December 2019 from the Department of Innovation and Technology. 

Since joining ITSD, Erin has worked on supporting HS applications and customers. Erin works well with customers and her co-workers. Erin has been the project leader and developer of the new Children and Family Services (CFS) Effort to Outcomes (ETO) application. She has exceeded expectations on this new application and soon it will be ready for implementation.

In her free time, Erin loves to knit and is currently learning Italian. Erin and her husband are avid travelers.



Lucia Allagas, Payroll Specialist with HS Personnel

Lucy Allagas has been an employee with the County for six years, and joined the HS Personnel team in April of 2016. Initially assigned a Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) batch, she was moved to become the primary Payroll Specialist for the WEX (Subsidized Employment) batch. This assignment requires that Lucy interact closely and continuously with the assigned coordinators throughout TAD, and with the Supervising Employment Services Specialist I Coordinator, to monitor hiring, background checks, fingerprinting, badges and e-Time.

When the pandemic hit, Lucy had a very large number of part-time employees who were temporarily re-assigned, or were unable to telecommute. The re-assignments meant that Lucy had to work closely with representatives of other departments as well as TAD management and department Human Resources Officer’s, to ensure that these individuals were placed appropriately. Lucy also monitored pay to ensure compliance with the State of California’s requirements. While many employees telecommuted regularly, Lucy is in the office nearly every day to service her employees, meeting with them to review paperwork.


Lucy has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to this department during this unsettling time. She loves to travel and enjoys her time with family…especially her grandchildren. The division congratulates Lucy for her contributions to HS Personnel, Human Services and the County of San Bernardino.

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