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Wellness Wednesday: More About the Six Pillars of Brain Health, Plus a Free Quiz

Did You Know? • The brain is the most complex organ in the universe. • It has 100 billion neurons. • Trillions of connections to other cells. [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Three Steps to Emotional Control

In times of uncertainty our emotions can roll like a roller coaster and we can feel very out of control. It has been said that emotions are energy [...]

Wellness Wednesday: The Six Pillars of Brain Health: Mental Fitness

The six pillars of brain health are food and nutrition, sleep and relaxation, physical and medical health, social interaction, mental fitness and [...]

Homeless Pets to Find Homes Through Virtual Pet Adopt-a-Thon

Seven animal shelters will join forces to help homeless dogs and cats find loving homes during the Homeward Bound Virtual Pet Adopt-a-Thon on June [...]

Wellness Wednesday: The Five Areas of Self-Care

Self-care improves our mood, strengthens our immunity and increases positive thinking.  It can decrease stress, depression and anxiety while preve [...]

County Honors Employees for Excellence in Public Service (2021)

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors recognized 40 county employees on May 13, during the Public Service Recognition Award for Excellence ce [...]

Wellness Wednesday: THRIVE

Did you know that meditation simply means “focused awareness?” Given that definition, anything can be turned into meditation. Use this simple acro [...]

Wellness Wednesday: Mindfulness

Breathing is a natural process that occurs with or without any effort on our part. We all breathe. But, therein lays the problem, we are breathing [...]
Wellness Wednesday: Pillars of Brain Health – Part One

Wellness Wednesday: Pillars of Brain Health – Part One

Sleep and Relaxation Sleep energizes and improves mood, as well as bolsters the immune system. REM sleep or "dream sleep" is particularly important f [...]
Wellness Wednesday: Boundaries

Wellness Wednesday: Boundaries

A boundary is like a fence around our home providing privacy and protecting our valuables. Living in alignment with our priorities, connecting with ot [...]
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